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Windows7 hits the mark

Our customers are purchasing upgrades and new computers with Window7 and we've encountered zero problems, and therefore we want to encourage its use (both 32 and 64 bit editions). There's some cool features that we like, such as the window preview in the taskbar, which is an improvement on the Vista icons. We haven't done pure testing with a stopwatch, but we just perceive that it seems to move along a bit quicker than Vista. Overall, the feeling is that the "fit and finish" of Windows 7 surpasses Vista, which we think will help with your productivity on the computer.

There are some changes that you may find useful. We prefer the new controls for User Account Control in Windows7, which makes it easier to set your own level for securing your computer. Some of the multimedia differences are pretty cool, but don't have a lot of application in our industry. Click here to see more about the features in Windows7;

One of our favorite features, "Windows Fax and Scan" comes on all editions of Windows 7 (in Vista it was only provided on Vista Business and above). This is a fantastic resource, allowing you to easily scan and organize any document.

If you have any questions or concerns, just contact us!

What about Windows XP?

If you prefer Windows XP, no problem! You can go ahead and use Windows XP. GlassShop runs superbly on XP (and even Windows 2000).


The core of the GlassShop system is derived from a Client - Server environment. We have clients successfully operating GlassShop in a variety of environments, and just about in any Windows server configuration. We also operate well within Terminal Services and on a Citrix farm environment.

GlassShop Installation Note:

If you encounter an error when first starting the GlassShop demo program (setup.exe) that says something to the effect that "fimain.exe is not responding", give the system some time. There's a large database with the system, and the download is large, too. Also, in most cases, you will need to be an Administrator account type in Vista to install any new program.



Some Recommendations from our own experience:

  • The price of RAM or memory has decreased in the last year or two. Now is the time to maximize the memory in your computer. Vista will run with 1GB memory, but really, in a business environment where speed is important, we recommend at least 4GB.
  • Some of the security features of Vista can be somewhat daunting, but they are important. Do not disable these.
  • Adding new hard drives can be handy, especially if you download photos from a digital camera.
  • Vista Business and above has the program "Microsoft Fax and Scan" which is a wonderful program for scanning important documents. We have a few HP Officejets around the office that have document feeders. Its a great way to keep an electronic copy of important documents, such as tax returns, or simply make multiple copies of a document without a photocopier.
  • Once you've experienced all the new animation and methods to display many windows, you'll go back to doing what you always did with Windows XP. You can run Vista in "classic" mode or for high-performance, which will eliminate the resource draining 'bells & whistles.'

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