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The essential system for your glass repair business

If you have a computer, and you want to handle your own EDI processing, then GlassShop Manager is for you. Its a easy to use program that allows you to generate and print your own quotes, work orders, and invoices, and send those invoices via EDI. You do not have to use an expensive database to generate electronic EDI.


  • Maintain electronic records of your business,
  • Maintain and print an electronic record of your repair,
  • Professional documents improve the image of your shop,
  • Maintain your own database of glass parts, hardware, miscellaneous items, and labor / service charges.
  • Accounts Receivable Functions: receive payments from your customers, create monthly statements, print daily deposit reports, and more!
  • QuickBooks export, if you choose to use QuickBooks, is now standard on GlassShop Manager. This allows you to export a file of the invoices created in Manager and import them into your QuickBooks accounting program.

Features to improve business

Save Money and Increase Profits

  • Eliminate the need for costly annual database fees,
  • Manager your customer accounts efficiently, effectively, and professionally,
  • Save money on EDI charges, and
  • Get paid faster at the same time.

Be more accurate with GlassShop Manager by getting the first part of the VIN

See Example

GlassShop Manager is EASY to use, with single screen order entry

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EDI is Easy to Do!

A key to your business is maintaining positive cash flow. Get your bills out the door right away with EDI, and get paid faster!

Sending EDI

What will be on my monthly EDI bill?

We do not have any surprises with our EDI Service. With Manager, you'll be sending electronically to Lynx and Safelite, and you'll be able to get the lowest pricing possible. If you don't do any EDI during the month, you won't get charged for EDI.

Many reports to display your data

See Reporting Options

QuickBooks Integration is Standard!

Yes, the other guys will charge you for this. In GlassShop Deluxe, our QuickBooks integration is STANDARD. There is no extra cost or support cost!

New! Send Invoices Directly to Glaxis...

The only application available that sends directly to Glaxis that does not have to use the NAGS database.

Manage Accounts Receivable in GlassShop Manager


Daily Deposit Routines

Scan & Retrieve Open Invoices FAST

Create Statements for Fleet & Dealer Accounts


Save the location of your repair electronically

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Service & Support

There is a no fee for Service & Support for you GlassShop Manager System.



GlassShop Manager costs $239.99 for the first year, then annual renewals are $139.99 annually. We do have discount programs available for larger operations along with attractive competitive upgrade pricing.


Download a Demo

Click the link below to get to the GlassShop Manager Demo which you can download today.


How to Purchase GlassShop

We have several options for purchasing your GlassShop Software System. You can:

  • Purchase right now with a credit card or PayPal by pressing the "Buy Now" button below,
  • Phone your order into 1-800-241-1493 and we can set up an account and fax or mail you an invoice, or
  • Print and fax back the faxable order form.

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Per Transaction EDI Charges:

Lynx and Safelite Networks

$0.99 / transaction for Safelite $1.75 / transaction for Lynx